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It’ll soon be the weekend and we all need to give our body and mind a bit of TLC so we can keep up with today’s hectic lifestyle of constant traffic, work, angry bosses, noisy kids, grocery shopping, traffic, cleaning…..err did I say traffic already??

Seriously though do your worst in our blog to let us really know how we can serve you better helping you deal with the stress and strain of the week and still feel great, spelling mistakes will be forgiven, but swearing will not so keep it clean guys! 😛

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  1. I’ve been looking all over for that tea you serve in the waiting room but I can’t find it anywhere, are you gonna let me know the secret of where I can buy it 😕

  2. Hello , I would like to know how many ppl you can accommodate at one time for body massage?

  3. hello,
    Do you have any male therapist?
    i would like to book for 2 people, individual room April 29th

  4. Hey guys if you fancy trying out some excellent French cuisine try Monsieur 85 on Lebuh Pantai in Georgetown, you can fill your stomach without emptying your wallet in this trendy new outlet in the heart of the old town, nothing better than a perfect meal after a perfect massage.

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