Welcome to Imperial Thai massage Penang where we will indulge you in the very essence of wellness through the best Thai massage treatments....

Thai Traditional Body Massage

The best way to relax and unwind is to indulge in our most popular treatment from one of our highly trained staff members, enjoy the soothing environment whilst your aches and pains slowly drift away as you lay in complete comfort.

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Thai Herbal Therapy

The most beneficial of the traditional Thai therapies dates back to the secret healing techniques used by Buddhist monks in ancient times, the power of the herbal heat compress which has deep roots in Thai culture is known to relax muscles, ease tension and nourish the skin.

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Half Body Massage

We like to call this the Penang pit stop for when you need rejuvenation but don't have the time, great during a lunch break so you can get back to feeling 100% amazing, with maximum health benefits in just a short time, worth it and very popular.

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Thai Aromatherapy Body Massage

We have developed our own secret recipe using only natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, leaves, roots and stems to help enhance your physical as well as psychological well-being, inhaling the magical aroma to increase brain function.

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Thai Traditional Foot Massage

People often forget to appreciate their feet, we walk on them all day without the service we would give our car for the same kind of mileage, giving your feet a dedicated massage helps release trapped energy throughout the body and can increase your stamina greatly.

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